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Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla



Meet the newest member of our Everyday Scoops family! ⁠

We get our vanilla from Vanilla & Spice, a women-owned company that sources beans directly from small, local producers in Madagascar, and handcrafts their premium vanilla products out of Toronto.⁠

For this flavour, we used their vanilla powder - made from bourbon vanilla beans. Powdered vanilla brings a strong flavour without using products like alcohol (which interfere with the natural spice) while bourbon vanilla beans are renowned for their high-quality intensity. ⁠

Paired with our sweet cream base, this grade A vanilla imparts a robust essence that is pure, aromatic & complex!⁠


cream, skim milk powder, milk, sugar, egg, vanilla bean, and (less than 2% of): locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan

Madagascar Vanilla
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