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We've got answers!

  • What flavours do you have available today?
    Here’s a link to our scooping pages: ABBY SCOOPS CHWK SCOOPS
  • What are your prices?
    Here is our current menu and pricing:
  • Are you dog friendly?
    We love to see your furry friends! They are welcome to come into the shop with you.
  • Where is your ice cream made?
    All of our ice cream is made in-house at our Chilliwack location.
  • How do I work at Banter?
    We’re always looking for the right person! Feel free to drop off your resume in-person at either scoop shop location. We will post job opportunities on Instagram, Facebook, and on our Join Our Team page as they become available.
  • When do you make new flavours?
    We launch 4 seasonal flavours every month, sometimes they are repeat flavours from a previous year, other times they are brand new! Typically, we launch our new flavours on the first Friday of the month.
  • Can I buy anything bigger than a Pint?
    You can request 5L or 11L tubs of our Everyday Flavours by filling out a request for "Self-Scoops" on our Events page!
  • Can I have Banter at my wedding?
    Check out our Events page to read over our options and fill out a request form!
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